Early detection of cancer combined with modification of behavioral risk factors, can add years of precious human life - this is why it is so important to include the CA Profile in your annual check up. In addition to prevention and early detection, here are other reasons to order a CA Profile:

  • blood in the stool or urine
  • history of prostatic hypertrophy
  • history of diarrhea, constipation, or vomiting
  • history of coughing or hoarseness in the voice
  • sudden weight loss
  • change in personality
  • history of fatigue and lethargy
  • history of allergies
  • if there are any carcinogenic environmental conditions surrounding the patient such as hazardous chemicals or low-level radiation exposure
  • history of consuming high fat meals or other known carcinogens, e.g. large amounts of colorings, flavorings, and preservative agents
  • history of chronic exposure to drinking water containing high concentrations of chlorine, fluorides, pesticides, and other potentially carcinogenic chemicals
  • if under extreme, chronic stress and/or depression
  • past or present smoker, or a non-smoker chronically exposed to “second hand smoke”
  • habitual caffeine or alcohol abuser
  • history of inhaling hazardous fumes generated by volatile chemicals, paints, solvents, internal combustion exhaust fumes containing carbon monoxide or other toxic gases
  • history of exposure to viral agents, e.g. any member of the Herpes and HIV families
  • history of chronic exposure to Ultra Violet light, e.g. “sun worshipers”
  • family history of malignancies
  • past history of malignancy
  • undergoing any therapy for an ongoing malignant condition
  • taking any medications having carcinogenic potentials
  • suffering a prolonged nutritional deficiency
  • for peace of mind
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.